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Natural Gas Products

Natural Gas for your Business
With MidAmerican Energy Services, you work with an experienced, professional team that has actively served retail markets since 1986 (previously as MidAmerican Energy Company). We deliver more than 32 billion cubic feet of natural gas to customers via six major interstate pipelines.

Fixed Pricing
Eliminate your exposure to market price swings for all or portions of your load with MidAmerican’s Fixed Price product. Fixed pricing allows you to set pricing targets based on budgets or other economic considerations and then lock the price of your gas supply when market conditions reflect those goals. The fixed-pricing option combines two main components that also may be evaluated separately:
    NYMEX Pricing:
    Natural gas futures are publicly traded and easily tracked on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). The NYMEX component is based on physical delivery at Henry Hub in Louisiana. Through a supplier relationship, customers may fix pricing in this market for a variety of terms. The NYMEX pricing product is available to customers with basis pricing already in place.

    Basis Pricing:
    The basis component of your overall natural gas costs reflects the difference between the NYMEX futures price and the price for physical delivery in your location. This product option allows customers to lock in basis while allowing supply costs to float with the NYMEX index.

  • Price Stability
  • Flexible Terms
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Managed Gas Portfolio
With an internal trading team and portfolio purchasing power, MidAmerican utilizes a full range of tools to manage your monthly price of gas. The Managed Gas Portfolio allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while MidAmerican Energy Services' team of professionals expertly manages your natural gas service.
  • Hands-free management
  • MidAmerican’s trading team will hedge portions of your load over time to reduce exposure to price extremes
  • Option to exercise a fixed price for all or a portion of your load at any time during the term of your agreement
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Market Index
Market Index pricing tracks and uses a published, third-party index price, correlating your cost of gas to actual market conditions.
  • Price of natural gas will reflect market trends, both high and low
  • Option to exercise a fixed-price option for all or a portion of your load at any time during the term of your agreement
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