Tenant Sub-metering

Tenant Sub-Metering and Bill Services

Is your multi-family housing property, business or hospital campus “master metered” where a single utility meter (water, gas and/or electricity) is used to measure usage for multiple residences or buildings? In these circumstances it can be difficult to accurately measure usage and allocate cost by tenant or business unit leading to wasteful energy usage and unavoidable subsidized cost allocations.

MidAmerican Energy Services' tenant sub-metering and bill pay services can ensure that each tenant is charged for what they use, nothing more and nothing less. Each individually metered or "sub-metered” account can accurately measure each tenant's utility usage.  As a result, the property manager and tenant have more control of their respective total energy costs. Sub-metering also enables for transparency into the utility data for analysis, trending and benchmarking that can reduce energy, maintenance and equipment cost for the long haul.