Cost Management

Cost Management

PLC Management

Our Peak Response Notification Program is a unique, effective service for current customers designed to help lower your capacity and/or transmission costs.

  • Capacity and transmission charges are calculated based on your consumption during a specific number of peak hours on the electric grid.
  • Utilizing industry leading market intelligence to predict peak hours in advance for our customers, we will directly notify you in advance of expected peak hours.
  • If you are able to reduce your consumption and the predicted hour is a grid peak, you may be able to reduce your capacity and transmission costs for the next year of your agreement with MidAmerican Energy Services.

Demand Response

For organizations capable of shedding their electric load during peak usage times, demand response can be an excellent option for additional financial incentives. Enrollment in these programs can be simple method to reduce total energy spend by thousands of dollars with very minimal impact on operations. Our representatives will help you evaluate if a demand response program would be a good match for your organization to reduce costs:

  • Qualification Analysis
  • Contracting / Enrollment
  • Develop Curtailment Plan
  • Performance Test / Event
  • Payment Received